Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, Department of Information and Knowledge Engineering (DIKE)

Date and time: June 7 2007 (10:30 – 12:00). Non–standard date or time!

Room: 403 NB


Relational datamining extensions for 4FT and SD4FT in Ferda


  • Alexander Kuzmin, MFF, UK Praha

Existing datamining methods are based upon single-table mining. Although this restriction
simplifies the approach to implementation, it could be limiting in practical applications, where the
data is represented by several tables in relation.
Relational datamining broadens the classical approach and enables working with several datatables
in relation. It defines the concept of virtual attribute that adds virtual columns to the main data table
as a result of either simple data transformation or the result of datamining subtask run on the table
in relation.
The presentation will describe the implementation of relational extensions for 4FT and SD4FT
procedures for the environment Ferda DataMiner. The general approach will be shown and its
advantages and drawbacks will be discussed. Some practical examples will be shown as well. After
that, possibilities of further development will be briefly presented.

Downloads: slides 1 

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