Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, Department of Information and Knowledge Engineering (DIKE)

Date and time: March 3 2005 (10:30 – 12:00). Non–standard date or time!

Room: 403 NB


CORESE (Conceptual Resource Search Engine), an RDF engine based on Conceptual Graphs


  • Marek Růžička, KIZI, VŠE Praha

Corese stands for Conceptual Resource Search Engine. It is an RDF engine based on Conceptual Graphs (CG). It enables the processing of RDF Schema and RDF statements within the CG formalism. The graph matching algorithm, called projection, enables to retrieve RDF statements according to a query and hence implements a search engine. The projection operation takes advantage of the class and property type hierarchies. When querying on a given resource type, the projection find instances of the given type as well as instances of the specializations of that type. In addition to RDF(S), Corese implements an RDF/CG Rule language that enables to augment a base of RDF statements with inferences. Extensions to RDF such as transitive, symmetric and inverse properties are implemented as well as disjoint, intersection and union classes. The presenter participated in the development of Corese during his internship (April–December 2004) in INRIA Sophia–Antipolis, France.

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