Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, Department of Information and Knowledge Engineering (DIKE)

The group focuses on the following topics (and their combinations):

  • Knowledge Discovery in Databases
    • statistical association rule mining, in particular for medical and financial applications
    • web content/structure mining, ontology learning
    • reusing and sharing the data–mining task settings and results
  • Knowledge Acquisition and Modelling
    • domain ontologies and knowledge bases for the medical domain and for the World-Wide Web
    • problem–solving methods
    • Topic Maps
  • Semantic Document Mark–Up, Semantic Web
    • mark–up–based formalisation of medical guidelines
    • mark–up of analytical reports from KDD
    • automated extraction of web metadata
    • semantic web services
  • Intelligent Agents for Internet Access
    • knowledge–enabled web services
    • adaptive systems with hybrid reasoning
  • Logical Foundations of Knowledge Engineering
    • observational calculi for data mining
    • fuzzy calculi
    • non–monotonic reasoning
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