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Josef Petrák

E–mail(s): me@jspetrak.name 

Web page(s): jspetrak.nameISIS profile 

Weblog(s): Zápisky.info   

RDF profile(s): http://jspetrak.name/index.rdf 

Jabber/Google Talk ID: jspetrak@gmail.com

Skype: jspetrak

On–line account(s): LinkedInTwitterFacebook 

Keywords: RDFa, SPARQL, Semantic Web application development, Linked Data, Open Data

Short Biography: Involved in the Semantic Web and social networks research and development; a SemWeb evangelist, enthusiast and engineer. Having RDF, SPARQL and ontologies such as FOAF, DOAP or SIOC in focus. One of the authors developing KEGweb.

Student of computer science and economics. Support Engineer at JetMinds company. Traveller, photographer, trainspotter, journalist, the railway e–magazine ŽelPage editor–in–chief, administrator and representative.

URIref: http://keg.vse.cz/resource/person/josef-petrak

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