Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, Department of Information and Knowledge Engineering (DIKE)

EUNITE – EUropean Network on Intelligent TEchnologies for Smart Adaptive Systems. See webpage.

Contact person: Petr Berka

EuroMISE Research Centre – Cardio. A goverment–funded cooperation of several Czech workplaces of cardiological research and clinical practice, see webpage.

EMC-UE is a local branch of this center.

Researchers: Jan Rauch, Vojtěch Svátek, Petr Berka, Marek Růžička.

Task: Data mining, knowledge modelling, semantic document mark–up

KDNet – Knowledge Discovery Network of Excellence. EC Program IST-2001-33086, see webpage.

Contact person: Petr Berka

Task: Information sharing in the domain of KDD.

M–CAST – Multilingual Content Aggregation System based on TRUST Search Engine. EC Program eContent EDC-22249, see webpage.

Contact person: Vilém Sklenák

Medical Guideline Technology (MGT). IC15 CT98 0315, 1998-2001.

Researchers: Vojtěch Svátek, Marek Růžička (Local co–ordinator: R. Jiroušek from the Laboratory for Intelligent Systems)

Tasks: Mark–up based transformation of textual guidelines into a computational form. Mining patient records with respect to the guidelines (compliance analysis).

MiningMart – Enabling End–User Datawarehouse Mining. (IST-1999-11993), 2000-2003, EC Fourth Framework Programme. See website.

Contact person: Petr Berka

OntoWeb – Ontology–based information exchange for knowledge management and electronic commerce. EC Program IST-2000-29243, Thematic Network devoted to the topic of Semantic Web. See webpage.

Contact person: Vojtěch Svátek

Task: Offering the techniques developed within the Analytical Report Indexing and RAINBOW projects to possible collaborators or users withing the OntoWeb network.

RuleML – The Rule Markup Initiative. See webpage

Researchers Jan Rauch, V. Lin, V. Svátek

Task: Mark–up structures for statistical association rules

Sol–Eu–Net – Data Mining and Decision Support for Business Competitiveness: A European Virtual Enterprise. 5th Framework project IST-1999-11495, 2000-2003, see webpage

Contact person: Jan Rauch (participation as subcontractor of the Czech Technical University)

VISION EC Program IST-2002-38513 "Next Generation Knowledge Management", Thematic Network (2002-2003), see webpage.

Contact person: Vojtěch Svátek

Task: Information sharing in the domains of KDD, ontology, semantic web and natural language technology, in the context of organisational knowledge management.

WISECON – intelligent assistant for internet shopping. Benchmark project for an industrial customer.

Researchers: Petr Berka, T. Kroupa

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