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Last update Jun 20, 2007

Note: Although the name was inspired by that of the late OntoWeb Thematic Network, OntoWeb-Cz was not formally linked to this network project.



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    The OntoWeb-Cz page is conceived as an informal hub for national-level reserch in three closely related areas:

    Although its main purpose is to improve mutual awareness among the Czech researchers themselves, I hope it will also be of some use for foreign researchers in the above areas, who seek scientific partners or just wonder whom to meet while visiting the Czech Republic. If you wish to receive information on forthcoming events or significant updates of this page, please, let me know.

    The following "definitions" are very simplified and subjective; their role is to clarify the relations among the three areas.

    For start-up links on applied ontology see e.g. the Laboratory for Applied Ontology.

    For start-up links on semantic web see e.g. the Semantic Web Community Portal or the Semantic Web Activity page at W3C.

    For start-up links on web information extraction see e.g. the Web IR & IE page.

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    Research links

    The following table lists the key organisations, groups, projects and contact persons. It will hopefully grow.

    Note that the contact is often just the person most deeply acquainted with the topics (and thus most likely to respond) rather than an official group/project leader. The research is frequently connected with newly commenced (PhD) projects rather than with mature research.

    If you feel that your organisation/project is missing in the table, please, e-mail to

    Organisation Workgroup Project Contact Areas Topics
    University of Economics, Prague Knowledge Engineering Group K-Space (EU IST, NoE) V.Svatek WIE, SW, AO Discovery, representation and reasoning over semantics in multimedia.
    KP-Lab (EU IST, IP) V.Sklenak (mail) WIE, SW, AO Semantic retrieval and knowledge mining in eLearning environment.
    MedIEQ (EU Public Health, STREP) V.Svatek WIE, SW Automatic extraction and semantic representation of quality indicators from medical web pages.
    M-CAST (EU eContent SSA) V.Sklenak (mail) AO Multi-lingual text retrieval based on terminological ontology.
    Rainbow (project partly suspended) V.Svatek WIE, SW, AO Semantic annotation via information extraction, RDF storage and retrieval, semantic web services, ontology learning.
    LISp-Miner J. Rauch (coordinator), V.Svatek (for the part of project related to OntoWeb-CZ) AO Ontology design patterns, ontologies as prior knowledge for KDD.
    Knowledge Web (EU IST, NoE) V.Svatek AO, SW Ontology alignment, semantic web services.
    Czech Technical University Gerstner Lab., Agent Technology group M.Obitko AO, SW Ontologies (OWL) in Multi-Agent Systems.
    Gerstner Lab., Information and Knowledge-Based Systems group CIPHER (EU IST) (project ended) Z.Kouba AO, SW Ontologies (OCML) for cultural heritage applications, temporal ontologies, ontology transformations.
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering KSMSA (incl. browser of the SUMO ontology) (project ended) M.Sevcenko AO Upper-level ontologies and WordNet; knowledge-intensive support of modeling and simulation of dynamic systems
    WEBING M.Svihla SW Ontology-based transformation of relational databases to RDF
    Academy of Science Institute of Computer Science SEMWEB J.Stuller SW Data/information integration, agent technology, soft computing for semantic web.
    Charles University Dept. Software Engineering SEMWEB J.Pokorny SW Data/information integration.
    Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics J.Hajic SW Lexical Semantics, Natural Language.
    Masaryk University, Brno NLP Lab Balkanet (project ended), SEMWEB K.Pala AO, SW NLP incl. WordNet (as 'terminological ontology').
    Visual Browser Z.Neverilova SW RDF visualisation.
    OLE V. Novacek AO, SW, WIE Ontology learning from text, uncertainty in ontologies.
    Brno University of Technology Dept. of Computer Graphics and Multimedia P.Smrz AO, SW, WIE Semantics in texts and multimedia, ontology learning.
    Dept. of Information Systems R.Burget WIE Information extraction from hierarchical HTML structures.
    (project ended) J.Guttner SW Semantic web and object-oriented databases.
    Technical University of Ostrava Dept. of Computer Science, ARG group V.Snasel WIE XML indexing as support for WIE.
    Dept. of Computer Science, LABIS group M.Duzi AO, SW natural-language-oriented knowledge representation languages with high expressive power.
    Ginger Alliance (software company) PerlRDF P.Cimprich (mail) SW RDF tools (parser, storage, query language)
    (independent developer) MindRaider M. Dvorak AO, SW Mind mapping based on SW-related technologies; cognition visualization; semantic desktop(s) integration

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    In this section, I try to list forthcoming and recent events related to the topic areas, in the Czech Republic. If you know of any other, please, let me know.

    Beside irregular events listed below, note a high number of regular seminars that occasionally touch the topic areas. You can have a look at the list maintained on the page of the KEG seminar (bottom part). Although the list itself is in Czech, many of the seminars have a page in English.



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    Vojtech Svatek , last update Jun 20, 2007