Group Highlights | Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG) The Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG) is an informal research group at the University of Economics, Prague. It is centered around the Department of Information and Knowledge Engineering (DIKE) and covers most of its research activities. Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG) Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG) Group Highlight from (2014-12-11) The Prague Computer Science seminar series will continue by the talk of Carmen Domshlak from Technion, Izrael, on Unsupervised Heuristic Decision Making. (The seminar takes place at CU/CTU. It is advertised here because Vojtěch Svátek is member of the preparatory committee of the seminar.) 2014-12-11 Group Highlight from (2014-11-24) The paper on the Linked Hypernym Dataset, by Tomáš Kliegr, has been accepted to Elsevier's Journal of Web Semantics. 2014-11-24 Group Highlight from (2014-11-03) In the Annual Rector's Award for best publications in 2014, Jindřich Mynarz's paper from EC-Web conference placed 2nd in the PhD student work category. 2014-11-03 Group Highlight from (2014-10-14) The Linked Hypernym Dataset (LHD), a large collection of type assignments to RDF entities built by THD tool co-developed by Tomáš Kliegr, has been integrated into the official version of German DBpedia. 2014-10-14 Group Highlight from (2014-10-13) Jindřich Mynarz started a 2,5-month PhD internship at the Information Systems Laboratory of the Polytechnic University of Bari (upon invitation from Dr. Tommaso Di Noia). The internship is focused on combining the linked data technology with recommendation/matchmaking techniques. 2014-10-13 Group Highlight from (2014-09-26 – 2014-09-27) The 13th edition of the Czecho-Slovak knowledge technology conference, Znalosti, was co-chaired by Vojtěch Svátek and Ondřej Zamazal. It was probably the last edition, as from 2015 on, there will be a new conference combining the topics of Znalosti and Datakon (the Czecho-Slovak database conference). This witnesses the constant assimilation of database and knowledge/semantic technologies in the last decade. 2014-09-26 Group Highlight from (2014-09-11 – 2014-09-12) The EU LOD2 Integrated project, where the team led by V. Svátek was responsible for the Public Procurement Linked Data use case, was concluded by a successful final review. The rating of the project eventually was 'Excellent Progress' (i.e., the best possible). 2014-09-11 Group Highlight from (2014-08-18 – 2014-08-20) At the RuleML conference collocated with ECAI 2014, Tomáš Kliegr co-organized a Special Track on 'Learning (Business) Rules from Data'. 2014-08-18 Group Highlight from (2014-07-01) Article on 'Ontology alignment design patterns', co-autored by O. Zamazal, was published in Knowledge and Information Systems (Springer, IF=2.64). 2014-07-01 Group Highlight from (2014-06-01 – 2014-12-31) Major conference publications by SWOE group in the 2nd half of 2014: full paper at EKAW (Springer LNCS); full paper and short paper at EC-web (Springer LNBIP). Besides, the SWOE and DMKD members co-authored two chapters of the `LOD2' book (also LNCS). 2014-06-01