Group Highlights | Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG) The Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG) is an informal research group at the University of Economics, Prague. It is centered around the Department of Information and Knowledge Engineering (DIKE) and covers most of its research activities. Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG) Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG) Group Highlight from (2016-10-16) A new PhD student, Jiří Zettel, is joining the group. He will be supervised by prof. Petr Berka and his topic will be related to data pre-processing for data mining. 2016-10-16 Group Highlight from (2016-10-04) Tomáš Kliegr will give talk on association rule classification and the EasyMiner system developed by the DMKD group at the IEEE Days at the University of West Bohemia. 2016-10-04 Group Highlight from (2016-09-22) pon invitation of V. Svátek, Steffen Staab is coming to give a talk at the Prague Computer Science seminar. 2016-09-22 Group Highlight from (2016-09-20) Stanislav Vojíř has successfuly defended his PhD thesis “Business Rule Learning using data mining of GUHA association rules”. He remains member of our team. 2016-09-20 Group Highlight from (2016-09-12 – 2016-09-16) We and a few collaborating groups enjoyed a visit of Giancarlo Guizzardi from UFES, Brazil, who among other gave a talk at the KEG seminar, and collaboration plans have been set. 2016-09-12 Group Highlight from (2016-09-01) The article An ontological investigation over human relations in linked data (by Miroslav Vacura, Vojtěch Svátek and Aldo Gangemi) will appear in Applied Ontology. 2016-09-01 Group Highlight from (2016-08-01) The article Adapting ontologies to best-practice artifacts using transformation patterns: Method, implementation and use cases (by Vojtěch Svátek, Marek Dudáš and Ondřej Zamazal) is online in Journal of Web Semantics. 2016-08-01 Group Highlight from (2016-08-01) The LHD dataset developed by our group is available for download as part of the DBpedia 2015 release. 2016-08-01 Group Highlight from (2016-06-01) A new paper by Tomáš Kliegr (and Ondřej Zamazal): LHD 2.0: A text mining approach to typing entities in knowledge graphs is just online in Elsevier’s Journal of Web Semantics. It follows up with the recent LHD paper in the same journal. 2016-06-01 Group Highlight from (2016-06-01) Ondřej Zamazal co-authored an article (first author is Tomáš Kliegr from the DMKD group): LHD 2.0: A text mining approach to typing entities in knowledge graphs, now published online in Journal of Web Semantics. 2016-06-01