Group Highlights | Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG) The Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG) is an informal research group at the University of Economics, Prague. It is centered around the Department of Information and Knowledge Engineering (DIKE) and covers most of its research activities. Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG) Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG) Group Highlight from (2017-11-01) An article on the InBeat system, by J. Kuchař and T. Kliegr, appeared in the Elsevier’s KnowSys journal (IF > 4.5). 2017-11-01 Group Highlight from (2017-10-21 – 2017-10-25) SWOE, represented by V. Svátek and O. Zamazal, gave/coauthored six talks altogether at the ISWC 2017 conference and collocated events; a journal track paper (on PatOMat), a poster paper (on EU project classification in, and four workshop papers: two at OM (both on the Alignment tool and its usage, as joint work with OKF Greece), one at WOP (on the MISO ontology pattern) and one at VOILA (on using LODSight for ontology usage visualization). 2017-10-21 Group Highlight from (2017-10-21 – 2017-10-25) Jindřich Mynarz eventually submitted his PhD thesis on Matchmaking of bidders and public contracts using linked open data. Since the beginning of October (following completion of his contract at he also moved to MSD IT (a corporate innovation centre, based in Prague). We will stay in touch, since his work there will also involve semantic technology – such as the Halyard RDF store. 2017-10-21 Group Highlight from (2017-09-11 – 2017-09-14) A poster paper co-authored by SWOE folks was presented on a hot topic: “Competencies as a cost driver of querying Linked Data”. 2017-09-11 Group Highlight from (2017-06-01) Jiří Ivánek has an article accepted in the Kybernetika journal 2017-06-01 Group Highlight from (2017-04-28) V. Svátek co-authored an article in Methods of Information in Medicine (with his Charles Univ. PhD student K. Zvára and further colleagues) – not on a semantic web topic proper but still partly relevant to the ontological field. 2017-04-28 Group Highlight from (2017-04-01) V. Svátek became SPC member of the ISWC 2017 conference 2017-04-01 Group Highlight from (2017-03-02) Three publications of the group were awarded by the Dean of the Faculty for year 2016: the EKAW paper by Svátek, Zamazal and Vacura (first in the conference/book paper category), the JWS paper by Svátek, Dudáš and Zamazal (second in the journal article category), and the SEMANTiCS paper on DBquiz by Mynarz and Zeman (first in the PhD student category). 2017-03-02 Group Highlight from (2017-01-23 – 2017-01-26) Prof. Johannes Fürnkranz from university of Darmstadt will visit the group and teach a guest course on Inductive Rule Learning. 2017-01-23 Group Highlight from (2016-11-30) The JWS journal paper by T. Kliegr, joint with O. Zamazal (SWOE group) was ranked 3rd in the annual Rector’s award. Congratulations! 2016-11-30