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About the Knowledge Engineering Group

The Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG) is an informal research group at the University of Economics, Prague. It is centered around the Department of Information and Knowledge Engineering (DIKE) and covers most of its research activities.

This website should give you a brief overview of the research topics addressed, people involved, participation and coordination of projects, regular research seminars and KEG's publications.


There no presentations planned for the seminars in this moment.


  • 2014-08-182014-08-20: At the RuleML conference collocated with ECAI 2014, Tomáš Kliegr is co-organizing a Special Track on 'Learning (Business) Rules from Data'. See also: Special Track page
  • 2014-05-25: The second edition of the Linked Data Mining Challenge was co-organized by Vojtěch Svátek in connection with the Know@LOD workshop collocated with the ESWC conference in Crete. (Besides, Vojtěch co-chaired the LOD track at the main ESWC conference.) See also: Challenge website
  • 2014-05-21: David Chudán's son, Matěj, was born. Congratulations!
  • 2014-03-01: In 2014, two KEG proposals for IGA (university-level) research projects have been retained for funding. A new one is 'Semantic web data visualization exploiting the ontological schema structure', coordinated by Marek Dudáš. Furthermore, 'Research of factors affecting applicability of association rule mining algorithms', coordinated by Tomáš Kliegr, was extended from 2013 to 2014.
  • 2014-02-142014-02-16: Jirka Kosek (as PC Chair) organised the annual XML Prague conference in UEP premises. See also: XML Prague 2014 homepage
  • 2014-02-01: The SharePSI 2.0 European network, focused on the exchange of experience and ideas around implementing open data policies in the public sector, started. A joint UEP group, led by colleagues from the Dept. of Information Technology (but with participation of KEG) is one of the partners. See also: SharePSI 2.0 homepage
  • 2014-01-21: The web page of the first of the proposed four DIKE focused research groups, SWOE (Semantic Web and Ontological Engineering), came into being. From now on, KEG will be gradually transformed into an 'envelope' overarching the new groups and mediating their direct collaboration. See also: SWOE group page
  • 2014-01-01: Ondřej Zamazal succeeded, in a sharp competition, in obtaining a 3-year (2014-2016) post-doctoral project from the Czech Science Foundation: 'COSOL - Categorization of Ontologies in Support of Ontology Life Cycle'. Congratulation!
  • 2013-12-13: Tomáš Kliegr became father of a daughter, Anna Marie. Big congratulations!
  • 2013-11-28: The LOD2 project webinar on the ORE (Ontology Repair and Enrichment) tool, designed by University of Leipzig, featured, among other, a demo of the embedded functionality of Ondřej Zamazal's PatOMat services (a use case in naming pattern detection and transformation). See also: Slideshare page, ORE tool page, PatOMat tools page

Complete list of history is available as well.

Selected research demos

I:ZI Miner - mining rich associations from data using a web interface (powered by LISp-Miner)
LISp-Miner - stand-alone tool for rich association discovery
THD - targeted hypernym discovery, using Wikipedia articles in a live setting
PatOMat tools - a collection of tools enabling pattern-based ontology transformation (within the OWL language) and related tasks

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Visit us at our office NB 413, find location by Foursquare venue.

Ontoweb cz page provides information about applied, semantic web and web information extraction research in the area of the Czech Republic.

Semantic Web Pipe is runned to read and syndicate Semantic Web–related weblogs.

Advanced FOAF Explorer tool visualises FOAF profiles.

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